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CARPRO CQUARTZ 50ml - Daily Detailer



CarPro Cquartz is a revolutionary ceramic coating.

CarPro CQuartz is a  SiO2 (silica) based glass coating whose protection is measured in terms of years, not months or seasons. Cquartz is an innovative, ceramic coating that brings your vehicle into new aesthetic and protective heights. 

By applying CQuartz to your vehicle you are giving it a sacrificial semi permanent glass layer that will give your vehicle a gloss level that is unmatched by conventional polymer and organic wax based protectants. CQuartz will not simply wash off like traditional paint sealants and will in fact resist harsh chemical based cleaners.

Because of glass coating technologies unique low surface energy formula it is able to fill and level paint ridges which in turn gives the coating a "self cleaning effect" 

This means the coating actively rejects bonding of contamination and when water is introduced to the surface it carries the contamination off with it, this is also aided by the 110 degree water drop angle of CQuartz.

Additionally CQuartz will help resist scratching and minor marring both from maintenance washing procedures and in general driving use. With additional thickness on top of the manufacturers clear coat, CQuartz has the ability to both resist and absorb damage that commonly occurs to vehicle paintwork. 

Make maintenance effortless, and keep your car looking great all year round. Enter the new generation of car care with Cquartz. 

Note: Cquartz is a slower cure compared to its similar brother Cquartz UK. The coatings themselves are virtually identical, however their curing times differ as UK is a faster cure, and Cquartz is slower. 


  • Immense gloss, ultimate "wet look".
  • Durability of years, not months
  • Increased resistance to water spotting
  • Increased resistance to all contaminants and traffic film
  • Resistance to light scratching 


For the best results, the surface must be prepared meticulously. All surfaces must be thoroughly washed, and decontaminated with iron removers/clay bars. 

Any defects existing in the paintwork will be 'locked in' by the coating, therefore you will want to under go paint correction where necessary to ensure your car will look its best when protected. 

  1. Ensure the car has been meticulously decontaminated (even if the car is new) with iron removers, and a clay bar & lubricant. You can combine both these steps with a clay lubricant called CarPro ImmoLube

  2. Perform machine polishing if necessary. You can prime the surface with a finishing polish specific for CQUARTZ, which is the CarPro Essence

  3. Wipe the car down with CarPro Eraser before applying the coating. 

  4. Take out the applicator block and a suede MF towel from the kit and pour 5-6 drops of CQuartz 

  5. Apply to surface area in criss cross pattern in small sections, reapplying CQuartz to your applicator as necessary

  6. Allow curing time of between 5 - 10 minutes before wiping off. If it is hotter, the wipe off time will be closer to 5 minutes, and if it is colder it will be closer to 10. 

  7. Wipe off and level the residue with a microfiber, we recommend The Rag Company Creature Edgeless