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carpro hydro2



CarPro Hydro2 LITE is a pre-mixed solution that is ready to be used straight out of the bottle. When applied through an easy "Spray & Wipe" application, the surface of the vehicle is transformed.

CarPro Hydro2 produces an extremely glossy layer onto the vehicle, which also protects the vehicle from environmental degradation, and repels contaminants and water. This makes the car incredibly easy to maintain and protected from the elements for up to 3 months.

This can be used over any wax, sealant or coating and enhances your vehicle to new aesthetic and protective heights!

HydrO2 made even easier with this pre mixed and ready to use solution right out of the bottle


  • Ease of Use: Spray on and rinse off OR “spray on–buff off”
  • Versatility: Use on any surface
  • Dirt and Water repellency: Dirt and water are repelled from the surface
  • Instant Vehicle Release: No cure time needed
  • Resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions, and solvents
  • Beauty: Instantly enhances the gloss, depth, and smoothness of your paint


    • Use in cool temperatures where possible
    • Always use in the shade, never in direct sunlight 
    • Ensure you thoroughly rinse product with high pressure