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carpro iron x


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CarPro Iron LS X is an advanced pH-Neutral formula that safely breaks down iron particles most typically found from industrial fallout, rail dust and manufacturing processes. CarPro Ion X can be used on paint, plastic, chrome, glass and alloy wheels.

Vehicle paintwork, including painted wheels, contains microscopic ridges called capillaries, these ridges collect ferrous oxide iron , It forms a chemical bond in the ridges and prohibits the bond of any wax, polymer or silica based paint protection.

Iron X can also be used as a powerful standalone wheel cleaner that actively dissolves the graphite compounds found in automotive brake materials. These are highly corrosive elements and in addition to the environmental contamination from railways, manufacturing & industrial fallout, your vehicles brakes are constantly spewing these corrosive materials onto your wheels and paint, there has never before been an easier and safer method to chemically dissolve and remove such material without the use of harsh acid which can cause damage to delicate wheel and painted surfaces.  


  • Use outdoors or with sufficient ventilation. 
  • Use Nitrile or protective gloves when working with Iron X.
  • For use on exterior painted surfaces ensure you remove all tar deposits with CarPro Tar X
  • Ensure you have removed all wax or sealants from wheels and exterior painted surfaces before using Iron X.
  • For best results apply to a mostly dry surface. 
  • Shake the bottle. 


    1. Spray Iron X to a cool dry wheel for best results, a little goes a long way so you can use a microfiber cloth or wash mitt specifically for wheels (never mix wheel wash implements with your vehicles paintwork wash implements) to spread product across the entire wheel face.

    2. Allow sufficient time for reaction of product, you will notice the brake dust turning purple and a "bleeding" effect will begin to occur on the wheel surface. 

    3. Depending on how soiled the wheel is, you can choose to agitate the wheel to aid in removal of hard baked wheel contamination. 

    4. High pressure rinse the wheel surface to remove residue of product and the dissolved iron with it. Repeat steps 1 - 4 if wheel is not sufficiently cleaned. 


      1. Ensure paint is sufficiently cleaned of any prior wax or sealants, tar deposits and other fallout. If you are not sure if your car has wax or tar on it, always use a clay bar with adequate lubrication as a preparation step for Iron Removal. Failure to do so may cause the product not to react with all Iron present on the vehicles paintwork. 

      2. Spray Iron X directly onto painted surface in the shade ensuring the panel temp is cool to the touch, let the product dwell for 3 - 5 minutes or until you begin to see a reaction on the paintwork. (Please note, dark color cars may not visibly react in the same manner as a light colored car (white or silver) this is not an indication of the product not working or the vehicle not having contamination, even brand new cars have iron contamination in the paint, it's simply not able to contrast on a dark color the same way it is on a light color, to confirm this, simply mist the panel with your pressure washer or hose attachment and allow the water to carry the Iron X off the panel and onto the ground, you will notice a purple pool start to form, this is the reacted Iron bled from the panels) 

      3. Once reaction has taken place, rinse the vehicle as best as possible with a hose or pressure washer, then give the vehicle a quick wash to neutralize the surface and ensure it is free of any remaining Iron X. This will make certain the panel is ready to have protectants applied to it and will not be hindered by any product residue. 


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      Works very well, incredibly efficient and effective. Has a strong chemical odour per-reaction but is replaced with a lemon scent after the iron is broken down. I’d recommend a mask during application.

      Iron X

      Recently received IronX for my car and boat industrial fall out, used it yesterday and the outcome was very impressive

      Thanks for the review Kale ;)
      The purple reaction to the iron is trippy

      Good stuff. I used nearly a 500ml bottle on one car, realized i could have used 500ml on two cars. Just over eager I guess :)

      Very great product, highly recommended.

      This product does clean your wheels quite well. My wheels weren't ridiculously contaminated, but it did dissolve the caked on brake dust and materials in the barrel of the wheel and behind the spokes. It make it quite easy to clean and it was very satisfying watch the wheels bleed purple. Best to use this with a selection of stiff brushes to scrub off all the material. My only issue if that I used quite a lot of the bottle to clean 4 wheels and it's not a very economical choice, especially for the casual car cleaner who has reasonably clean wheels, however that could be be that I'm quite heavy handed. If you are serious about decontaminating the dirt on you wheels, and you haven't properly cleaned your wheels in a long time, no product will do the job better.

      Best Chemical Decon product on the market

      By far the best value decontamination product available on the market. A little goes a long way.