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CarPro Iron X Snow Soap



CarPro Iron X Snow Soap is highly concentrated and an effective cleaning formulation, suitable for cleaning all types of paintwork, metal, glass, plastics and rubbers with the additional benefit of being able to remove ferrous iron deposits from all painted surfaces. 

With it's unique triple action Snow Soap is ideal as a preparation step for coatings or waxes to deep clean and exfoliate iron contamination from the paint. It also is a competent clay lubricant that can be used in conjunction with CarPro 3 clays to tackle both mechanical and chemical decontamination in one easy step. 

CarPro Snow soap is also an ideal periodical maintenance wash for the entire Cquartz Coating range by CarPro. 


  • pH Neutral
  • High Lubricity
  • Uses only the highest quality cleaning agents & emulsifiers to wash your vehicles surfaces.
  • Snow Soap cuts through grime & traffic film with ease.
  • Excellent wheel cleaner - Agitate the gel directly on the surface of the wheel
  • Cleanses the bodywork softly with rich foam
  • Smooths the surface
  • Use on paint, glass, wheels, headlights, plastic trim, clear bras
  • Excellent on wheels (Apply gel directly to wheel and agitate the surface)
  • Snow Soap has now become the first step in total paint decontamination.


    • Up to 1:8 its a good iron remover but use regular IX on a "first time car". Above that its very weak iron remover but still a great shampoo.
    • As you know a power washer with the foam lancer sprays lots of water, means high dilution while spray , thats why we recommend it neat with foam lancer if you want the IXSS to react on iron. Per car it will consume 400ml neat with foam lancer with a fully closed lancer valve Again that is for working on iron.
    • If you want simple snow foaming 100~150ml will be fine