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Microfiber Madness Dropnetic XL - Daily Detailer



Microfiber Madness Dropnetic XL – Handcrafted in Germany.

Say goodbye to annoying drip marks on your paint.

Dropnetic is the solution for any car care enthusiast who is suffering from water runs and hard water streaks after a car wash. Many car enthusiasts live with this problem on a weekly basis with no solution.  Examples of this are particularly noticeably beneath rear view mirrors or the license plate. On the front doors of the vehicle hard water stains are often left down the doors from the mirrors dripping water.

So Microfiber Madness used their world famous, award winning Dry Me Crazy material with incredibly strong magnets sewn inside and the Dropnetic was born. You are able to easily attach the Dropnetic on any magnetic surface and the soft fabric safely soaks up any water running in its path leaving zero water marks. The Dropnetic features edges that allow you to easily pull it off the paint without dragging while the magnets inside are covered in a special anti-corrosive coating that will not rust (unless broken).

With the latest edition, Microfiber Madness offers 3 sizes of Dropnetic.  The Dropnetic Mini contains (2) 6″ long Dropnetic, the Dropnetic 2x contains (2) 11″ long Dropnetic, and last but not least the Dropnetic XL contains (1) 22″ long Dropnetic.

The Dropnetic is provided in a high quality plastic jar with a screwable lid, so you are able to store them safely after each use and avoid any contamination of metal dust sticking to them or any other dirt or abrasive.


  • Stops drip marks on cars
  • Ultra strong anti-corrosive magnets
  • Absorbent
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Lift tabs
  • Plastic Storage jar


  • Dropnetic should be cleaned by hand under running water if soiled.
  • Attach the product to a dust free surface to allow drying and store in the box after fully dried.
  • Please note that dropping or breaking could chip the magnet coating and that could allow them to rust
  • Dropnetic are made of strong magnets and will stick to any magnetic surface.
  • We do not recommend cleaning in a washer and dryer